Bespoke Jewellery Sydney

With over 15years experience as a bench jeweller, Sumer has adopted the skills necessary for a high level of craftsmanship.

Fused with a fine eye for detail and a clear vision of design, Sumer is able to create one-off bespoke mens jewellery pieces stamped with a style that can be defined as his own.

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Collaborating with Sumer from the initial stage of thought to a sketch, you’ll be included in the journey as it slowly evolves into the final custom piece.

Bespoke Mens Jewellery Sydney

You could at any time see Sumer work on Custom Made Mens Rings or any of his Hand Made Jewellery within Harlin Jones online store.

If you have any interest in collaborating with Sumer as part of the bespoke service, please feel free to contact

The clothes and shoes you wear, the hairstyle you choose, the tattoos you have inked and the aftershave you use – these are all ways in which you express your individuality. The jewellery you wear is no different.

Custom Mens Jewellery Sydney

It is a reflection of your taste, your style and your personality. With this said, many men struggle to find jewellery that fits their style and personality. For that reason, the interest in bespoke mens jewellery has never been greater. The ability to specify the metals, patterns, inscriptions, symbols and any other element ensures that you enjoy a finished piece that is not only 100% unique, but which is the perfect fit for you.

For personalised mens jewellery Sydney residents know there is only one store they need to visit – Harlin Jones. Sumer Sayan, the creator and designer behind the cool, edgy Harlin Jones brand is the master custom men jewellery designer. Designing and crafting custom made mens rings and bespoke jewellery is his area of specialist expertise. You don’t need to walk into the store with an idea of the finished product in mind. Sumer will help you get there.

Custom Made Jewellery for Men in Sydney

You just need to tell Sumer about you – your beliefs, your style, your passions. He’ll then begin to draft a design that reflects these elements of your personality. Together, you’ll go on a journey to creating a bespoke piece of jewellery that encompasses your individuality.

Many people use the Harlin Jones bespoke mens jewellery service to create the ideal gift for a man in their lives. Women often find that they can trawl through every store offering mens jewellery Sydney has to offer but not find a single piece that they think that male friend or family member would like. If you want to purchase jewellery as a gift, a bespoke piece can be the best route to take. That way you or the recipient can work with a master jeweller to create a piece that he will really like.

Sumer is the designer behind some of the best Custom Mens Wedding Rings and that makes it an easy choice when you are looking for one.

Unique Men Jewellery from Harlin Jones

Harlin Jones pieces are unlike anything out there. With both a fine eye for detail and a natural flair for design, Sumer can create one-off bespoke mens jewellery pieces stamped with a unique style. Our pieces reflect spirits and traditions yet are wild with modernity and rebellion. Even men who don’t typically wear jewellery are drawn to our effortlessly cool pieces. We’re doing things a whole lot differently to any other mens jewellers. We’re innovating mens jewellery design and fusing this innovation with an unrivalled level of craftsmanship.

For bespoke mens jewellery in Sydney that reflect the real you, you need to partner with Sumer and the team at Harlin Jones. We’ll deliver a piece that you can truly admire and value for your lifetime.

Bespoke Jewellery Sydney

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