Skull Jewellery

The inspiration for the Harlin Jones range of jewellery comes from our innovative designer Sumer Sayan, whose stunning designs are born from an eclectic range of influences from art and music to spirituality. At the forefront of our cutting-edge design is our range of skull jewellery, which is hand-crafted and custom made with the skill and precision that Sumer has become renowned for.

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Men Skull Jewellery in Australia

As one of the oldest and most potent of all symbols, the skull symbolises power, strength, guidance, fearlessness and wisdom. Often used by sorcerers as a tool to acquire spiritual powers, it represents both death and mortality. The skull is not just a popular choice for jewellery because of its edgy and slightly rebellious look; it’s also popular because it symbolises the ability to survive through a difficult period in life.

Our collection of skull jewellery incorporates several different designs, all of which are hand-made from high-quality metals, such as polished and black stainless steel, sterling silver and 18ct rose gold.

Unique Skull Men Rings 

Skull Anchor plate bracelet

This classic bracelet has a skull attached on top of a cracked anchor plate. The anchor symbolises hope and steadfastness, representing both stability and a strong foundation, and is the perfect complement to the more mystical skull. This bracelet is available in both polished stainless steel and black plated stainless steel for a modern and edgy look.

Double skull bangle

When one skull isn't enough, our double skull bangle should do the job. Featuring the Willow tree bark that symbolises magic, healing and dreams, this bangle is simple, cool and classic, and available in both black-plated steel and polished steel, to suit your own personal tastes.

Men Custom Skull Cuffs Sydney

Double cuff

If you're looking for an extra special piece of skull jewellery, our double cuff is unique, innovative and contemporary. Available in either oxidised sterling silver, or oxidised sterling silver with an 18ct rose gold skull; this is an heirloom piece that will attract attention whenever you wear it.

Skull anchor bracelet

The skull anchor bracelet by Harlin Jones is a true classic. Made from either polished or black plated stainless steel, it features an 18cm chain bracelet interspersed with a skull and an anchor. It's designed and made with the precision and attention to detail we've come to expect from Sumer, and yet it's extremely well priced.

Men Bespoke Skull Bracelets for Men

Skull Arrow Stone Bangle

Expertly designed, the skull arrow stone bangle features an arrowhead, which symbolises the adventurer within us. It also features a willow tree bark, a spiritual skull, and is inset with a cabochon stone. There's a choice of black stainless steel with onyx or polished steel with turquoise. It's a beautiful piece for those of you who like a little extra decoration on your jewellery.

As our designs are custom made, delivery can take between 2-3 weeks. Contact us at Harlin Jones for more information or to place your order for a unique piece of skull jewellery that will last you a lifetime.

Men Skull Jewellery