Mens Wedding Bands

Men’s Wedding Bands

 Men’s Wedding Bands by Harlin Jones are crafted at the highest standard when it comes to not only quality but also design. Whether you choose to go the traditional style, or you want to create something completely original that suits your personality, with our collection of Men’s Wedding Bands there will be no reason to go elsewhere.       

Made in New York, our Men’s Wedding Bands are forged from solid gold, silver and platinum, with attention to detail that is second to none. Sourcing the highest calibre of diamonds and color gemstones, our Men’s Wedding Bands will undoubtedly stand the test of time.            

Choosing a Men’s Wedding Band might not be as nerve-racking as buying your partner an engagement ring, but it can still be pretty daunting. Not only because Men’s Wedding Bands come in all different shapes, sizes and materials, but more due to the fact that the Men’s Wedding Band you choose will be a piece of jewellery you’ll be wearing for life and can be something that is passed down to your children.    

As daunting as it may seem, rest assured that designing a Men’s Wedding Bands with Harlin Jones will not only be a pain-free experience, but also an exciting one. From the initial consultation, we will work with you in creating the ideal Men’s Wedding Band for you.     

Gold Men's Wedding bands

Our Gold Men’s Wedding Bands can be made in 14ct or 18ct. We choose not to go below 14ct as anything lower will have more alloys like Silver and copper added, and this can cause the metal to tarnish with the natural chemicals from our sweat.    

On the other hand, we choose not to use anything over 18ct to craft our Men’s Wedding Bands as the higher percentage of fine gold will make the Gold very soft, which will cause the Men’s Wedding Bands to dent and scratch very easily.     

Whether you like Yellow, White or Rose Gold for your Men’s Wedding Bands or you want a combination of 2 colors or even all 3, Gold is a perfect metal to create not only traditional Men’s Wedding Bands, but also unique modern designs.    

Platinum Men's Wedding Bands

Platinum Men’s Wedding Bands are the rarest and most valuable of all the precious metals. Unlike White Gold, Platinum is mined out of the earth as a natural White metal. For those who like to have a bit of weight to their Men’s Wedding Bands, Platinum is the metal of choice, as it is a very dense metal making it heavier than Gold and Silver. 

Silver Men's Wedding Band

Silver Men’s Wedding Bands can be created in mutable ways, from our signature oxidized silver style Men’s Wedding Bands, which are fused with polished, detailed Gold sections, to traditional style polished Silver Men’s Wedding bands.    

CONTACT us for pricing on our existing Men’s Wedding bands, or for a bespoke Men’s Wedding Band design.

Whether it is the Yellow Gold, Black Diamond Men's Wedding Band, Navajo Pattern Inspired or a plain Platinum Band we are here to help you find the right fit.