The Designer


Harlin Jones uses an eclectic mix of styles and inspirations in creating its innovative and unique jewelry pieces.

Harlin Jones was founded by Australian designer, Sumer Sayan. Sumer started his international jewelry internship in Istanbul, Turkey in 1998. There, under the guidance of master jewelers, he was taught the fundamentals of handcrafting jewelry, which in Turkey, are passed down over generations. Over the next 12 months, he worked and studied as a bench jeweler, working with precious metals and gemstones.

After completing his internship in Istanbul, Sumer returned to Sydney where he started a four-year jewelry design apprenticeship. It was during this time that his love and passion for design was born.

Five years into his working career as a fully qualified bench jeweler, Sumer’s itch to create lead him to design and making small collections for himself. Receiving high praise and admiration for the uniqueness, originality, and quality craftsmanship of these pieces, Sumer, at the request of friends started creating pieces for others. The creation of these pieces, along with his travels and personal interests as inspiration helped Sumer in shaping and constantly evolving a style of his own.

Sumer’s inspirations encompass a broad range of arts and cultures, including:
Graffiti art, being a graffiti artist himself in his youth. Tattoo art, designing and drawing tattoo pieces for himself and his friends. The 80s art scene in New York, and the work of artists such as Jean Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring.
Architecture, specifically the intricate design, pattern, and colors found in mosques, cathedrals, and temples throughout the world. Native American, African, and ancient Egyptian cultures. Music, particularly 60s and 70s rock and roll, and the counter-culture of the period. The sounds, the fashion, the vibe and attitude of the time, and the punk movement that followed it.

The creative freedom and satisfaction experienced making these pieces for friends lead Sumer to start his own label, Harlin Jones in 2014. In 2019 an opportunity to move to New York presented itself to Sumer. New York, being the birthplace of so much that inspires him, and having such a robust and vibrant arts scene, made the decision to seize the opportunity and move himself and Harlin Jones there, an easy one. Since then, Sumer has run Harlin Jones from New York, constantly working and evolving, pushing his ideas and creativity, constantly moving Harlin Jones forward.

Sumer’s work can be seen in publications such as Vogue; Russh; Marie Claire; Maxim; and Inked Magazine; worn by stars such as Charlie Sheen; the Madden brothers of the punk band Good Charlotte; and Keith Urban, who Sumer was asked to create a commission piece for.