Yellow Gold, Black Diamond Men's Wedding Band, Navajo Inspired Pattern

Specs For The Men's Wedding Band

  • Solid Yellow Gold (14ct - 18ct)
  • Approx Weight Starting At 11.00gms
  • 5 x Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds 0.25ct
  • Navajo Inspired Pattern
  • Polished top detailing, With matt-finished base.
  • Thickness 2.00mm
  • Width 13.6mm
  • Jagged edges.           

This Stylish Men's Wedding band designed for those who like to stand out from the rest. The Navajo inspired pattern work pops out from the high polish of the Yellow gold detailing as it sits slightly higher than the matt finished base. What makes this Yellow gold Men's Wedding Band stand out is the five-round brilliant-cut black diamonds that hold a total carat weight of 0.25ct. Set in a bezel setting evenly spaced out around the whole circumference of the Men's Wedding Band. Rather than straight flush sides, we created jagged edges to give the black diamond men's wedding band a more designer feel.   

Gold Men's Wedding Bands

Our gold yellow gold Men’s Wedding Bands can be made in 14ct or 18ct yellow gold. We choose not to go below 14ct yellow gold as anything lower will have more alloys like Silver and copper added, and this can cause the metal to tarnish with the natural chemicals from our sweat.    

On the other hand, we choose not to use anything over 18ct yellow gold to craft our Men’s Wedding Bands as the higher percentage of fine gold will make the gold very soft, which will cause the yellow gold Men’s Wedding Bands to dent and scratch very easily.     

Inspiration For This Men's Wedding Band

This Men's Wedding Band was inspired by the Navajo people. The Native American Navajo tribe is one of the largest tribes of American Indians who lived in the Southwest areas of America which is today's Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. The Navajo people call themselves Dine', literally meaning "The People. 

We are not claiming that this Men's Wedding Band is created or is a Navajo piece of jewelry, but is inspired by the Navajo.   

Please CONTACT us for pricing on this men's wedding band. Pricing will vary from finger size to the carat of the gold.