Diamond & Pink Sapphire Alternative Engagement Ring

$9,750.00 USD

Lab Grown Diamond & Pink Sapphire Alternative Engagement Ring

√   18ct White Gold 4.6gms

√   One -Of-A-Kind

√   2 x Natural Pink Sapphire Baguettes Approx 0.25ct

√   Lab Grown Kite Shaped Diamond G-VS1 1.31ct (IGI Certified)

√   3 x Lab Grown Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds G-VS Approx 0.10ct

√  Finger Size (Australian 'K') - (US '5.1/4') Resize Available On Purchase 

This custom-made alternative engagement ring will elevate your fine jewelry collection with its exquisite design, created to amplify its gorgeous array of pink sapphire and Lab diamonds. The unique interplay of colors and shapes makes it an imaginative piece that is sure to turn heads with Lab diamonds and precious stones. The asymmetrical top can be worn facing inside or out depending on the look desired.

This 18ct white gold kite-shaped cluster alternative engagement ring is made with keen attention to detail and appreciation of fine jewelry and gems, exuding vintage inspiration with a modern touch.

Sapphire is one of the most popular precious gemstones, making it highly sought-after for those who love all of its rainbow shades. Pink sapphire is the birthstone for September–but is often the first choice as a replacement for other birth months– it is also great for those who simply love its luscious shade of pink. 

Pink sapphire is the designated stone for the 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries, making it the ultimate selection for those who adore its vibrancy and rich color as it complements other jewelry.

Pink sapphires hold numerous metaphysical meanings behind their beautiful presence, representing good luck, fortune, strength during tough times, deep love, and empathy for those around you. The color pink also represents passion and romance, making pink sapphire a treasured keepsake for your next special occasion.

This custom-crafted alternative engagement ring is a truly unique work of art, perfect for choosing as an engagement ring, anniversary ring, or just an indulgent piece of luxury. Lab diamonds are color and clarity-matched, giving them a seamless appearance of fire and brilliance. This kite-shaped pink sapphire and diamond cluster is amplified by the rich shine of the 18ct white gold.

This ring can also be made with natural diamonds. Please CONTACT us for any inquiries



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