Muzo Emerald – Pink Sapphire & Diamond Ring

$12,250.00 USD

18ct White & Yellow Gold Muzo Emerald – Pink Sapphire & Diamond Ring

  • 18ct Yellow & White Gold Approx. 5.9gms
  • 1 x Pear-Shaped Cabochon Muzo Emerald Approx. 2.00ct
  • 1 x Pear-Shaped Pink Sapphire Approx. 0.51ct
  • 55 x Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds F-VS 0.40ct
  • finger Size 5.25

Embrace the incredible color of precious gemstones and diamonds with this innovative 18k two-tone yellow and white gold spike ring, handcrafted with attention to detail and imagination behind each concept of this innovative design.

A fine quality pear-shaped MUZO Colombian emerald complements a smaller pear-shaped pink sapphire, giving this striking spike ring asymmetry. Sparkling round brilliant cut diamonds pave set in a curved arc complement round brilliant cut diamond solitaires prong set and nestled on each side, offering a blend of classic elegance and modern style elements.

Abstract Contemporary Toi et Moi Design

Combining the elegance of a classic Toi et Moi setting of a two-stone setting with modern geometry, this handmade spike ring captivates with jagged points at the spikes and smooth round lines with the pear-shaped precious colored stones.

Fuse the timeless sophistication of a Toi et Moi with a different appearance--perfect for those who love this vintage style reimagined into wearable art, feminine yet statement-worthy with every unique detail.

Pink Sapphire

Pink sapphire is one of the most popular precious stones, instantly recognizable with its rich saturated pink hue lighter than that of ruby (red),  its cousin stone in the mineral family corundum. Pink sapphire rates a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs Hardness scale, making it an ultra-durable gem for an everyday ring.

Pink Sapphire is September's birthstone but can be appreciated by those born in any month and worn year-round. Pink sapphire is gifted on the 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries.

Pink stones are synonymous with love and feelings from the heart: give a pink sapphire to your beloved or any loved one.

Diamonds with quality VS clarity/F colorless grade lend show-stopping scintillation at every angle when viewed, making them the perfect choice for custom-made jewelry design.

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