Rose Gold - Turquoise And Black Diamond Ring - Morenci Turquoise

$9,650.00 USD

Specs For 14ct Rose Gold Turquoise And Black Diamond Ring

  • 10ct Natural Morenci turquoise Approx
  • 14ct Rose Gold 8.00gms Approx
  • 96 x Round Brilliant Cut Black Diamonds 1.90ct Approx
  • Top Face 17mm wide x 18.5mm Length
  • Shank width 2.3mm
  • Finger Size 5.5 (US Size ) K.5 (Australian Size)
  • Total Carat Weight 11.9ct Approx

14ct Rose Gold Turquoise And Black Diamond Ring - Natural Morenci Turquoise

Bold and captivating, this custom-made brightly polished 14ct rose gold turquoise diamond ring features a spectacular setting accentuating the show-stopping beauty and vibrancy of these wondrous stones. This Morenci turquoise ring features a cabochon slab stone of Morenci turquoise that exhibits its trademark deep blue to blue-green color with an intriguing spiderweb iron pyrite matrix and sprinkles of copper.

Each Morenci turquoise stone is truly a unique treasure to find, popular with turquoise collectors and gemstone enthusiasts for the mesmerizing colors that make it stand out. Morenci turquoise is sourced in Greenlee county in Arizona in the Morenci copper mine. The Morenci mine was discovered circa 1864 and became a source of beautiful turquoise specimens. Morenci turquoise quickly became popular, known for its striking blue shades and gorgeous growth inclusions. Add this Morenci turquoise ring to your turquoise jewelry collection and effortlessly pair it with other turquoise jewelry.

Turquoise is known as the Wisdom Stone, enhancing intuition and clear-thinking with this serene sky blue color, paving the way for the stillness of the mind and memory recall. Turquoise is also referred to as the traveller’s stone, making this turquoise ring the perfect selection for you to take on your worldly travels, keeping you safe and protected.

This hand-selected free-form cabochon stone is bezel set on a statement setting framed by rich and shiny round brilliant cut black diamonds that are pave set on a raised basket setting atop a tapered band. Make this gorgeous 14ct rose gold black diamond turquoise ring your statement jewelry piece and wear it comfortably on any finger.

Turquoise is one of the designated birthstones for December. Choose this one-of-a-kind black diamond turquoise ring as a fine gift for any loved one or a treat to yourself. This gorgeous ring features a mixture of rugged eccentricity meets contemporary style, inspiring the wearer with its natural beauty, vibrance, sparkle, and design.

This 14ct Rose Gold Turquoise And Black Diamond Ring Is A One Of A Kind.

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