Turquoise & Sapphire earrings - Spike Earrings

$3,250.00 USD

Specs For Turquoise & Sapphire earrings

  • 14ct Yellow Gold Approx 6.4gms
  • Approx 15.3mm Wide x 22mm Length
  • Natural Kingman Turquoise Oval-Shaped Cabachon 10mm x 8mm
  • 2 x Round Blood-Orange Color Sapphires Approx 0.50ct
  • Push Back Butterflies

Turquoise, Blood-Orange Sapphire Spike Earrings in 14ct Yellow Gold

These custom-made, brightly polished 14ct yellow gold spike stud earrings feature an intriguing mix of color, stones, and textures, along with remarkable design elements that make them one-of-a-kind in style and contemporary elegance. Smooth, oval-shaped genuine Kingman turquoise cabochons sit in a sleek modern bezel on the top of each stud, displaying their trademark electric baby blue and rich black webbing.

Round, blood orange sapphires are beautifully set below each Kingman turquoise stone, lending their striking vibrancy and saturation to these imaginative stud earrings. The rustic beauty of the turquoise and sophistication of the sapphires gives these jagged studs an eye-catching coupling of natural stones, bringing out their differences as they sit nestled together in a harmonious balance of artistry.


The Kingman turquoise mine produces different varieties and is one of the oldest turquoise mines located in Arizona. The presence of copper may affect its shade.

High-quality Kingman turquoise is very rare and can be very difficult to find because of its increase in popularity during recent years.


Although mostly known for its blue shade, sapphire is available in a rainbow of natural colors, giving it a beautiful color spectrum to choose from and enjoy.

Blood orange sapphire exhibits an intense reddish-orange saturated hue reminiscent of blood orange fruits. Rare and striking, the blood orange sapphire is the perfect choice for those who love sapphires and orange gemstones.

Sapphire rates 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, making them fantastic for frequent wear. Durable and hard, show off your sapphires daily, day or night.

Indulge in the wondrous matrix of the Kingman turquoise and vivaciousness of orange sapphire with these delectable spike stud earrings. The rich shine of the yellow gold amplifies this stone arrangement. Choose these hand-designed earrings as a gift that someone special in mind.

Each pair of earrings is custom made to order, with no two alike, making them an extraordinary fine jewelry accessory to own and cherish.