Thunderbird 18ct Rose Gold / Oxidised Sterling Silver Morenci Turquoise Ring

$3,950.00 USD

Sterling Silver Morenci Turquoise Ring

The Thunderbird Morenci turquoise ring is a beautiful, handcrafted ring from Harlin Jones. This sterling silver Morenci turquoise ring is inspired by the Thunderbird of Native American legend. It is a one-of-a-kind ring that can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit.

The men’s sterling silver Morenci turquoise ring is size “T” in UK standards, size “9 ¾ in US standards, and size “61 ½ in European standards. It is made from 14.9 grams of oxidised sterling silver and 18 carats of rose gold. However, the 7.9 carats of natural Morenci turquoise is what stands out on this handsome ring even amid the quality sterling silver and pure rose gold.

About Morenci Turquoise

Morenci turquoise is a stunning rock from the southeast of Arizona. Each stone has a unique design created by an iron pyrite matrix with spider webbing. The stones are a turquoise color, though some are more blue or green. The mine where Morenci turquoise was mined from is now closed, which makes any of these stones rare and all the more precious.

Priced at $3,950, this ring is a handsome and completely unique piece. Each ring is different from the others because of the designs in the Morenci turquoise and the time spent crafting each one. For more information, or if you’d like to discuss custom options, please email Sumer, the creative director of Harlin Jones, at

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