Turquoise Cross-Bones Ring

$1,450.00 USD

Morenci Turquoise Ring With Cross-Bones And Filigree Detailing 

Morenci turquoise is a stunning rock from the southeast of Arizona. Each stone has a unique design created by an iron pyrite matrix with spider webbing. The stones are a turquoise color, though some are more blue or green. The mine where Morenci turquoise was mined from is now closed, which makes any of these stones rare and all the more precious.

  • 11ct Morenci Turquoise
  • Polished Sterling Silver Bezel With Cross Detailing
  • Oxidized Sterling Silver With Cross-Bones Detailing
  • Filigree Pattern Work On Base Of Ring
  • 16gms Sterling Silver
  • Top Face 19mm x 15mm

Finger Size 

  • Size "X " ( Australian - UK)
  • 11 5/8 (US)

This Ring Is One-Off In Terms Of Stone. 

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